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I'm doing the Fifty Book Challenge.
Since I'm always stuck for content at my other blog, I'm doing it over at Bookworm. That way I'll have at least two posts a month there.
I had to go in today.
AmG called me in because she said her son was sick.
I don't have any concrete reason to doubt her, besides the time she got busted by our manager at another local mall, shopping on the day she called out sick.
And the fact that she's off tomorrow doesn't help.
I'm going to be so glad to be working with people who don't have stuff like this going on.
File this under "stuff I'm not going to miss."
Despite this interruption, I've gotten some good stuff done, chunks on two stories. One's weird fiction, the other a thriller, no conceptual overlap so I don't think I'll have any problem.
I hope.
In theory.
We'll see.
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Last week, when I (thought I) needed off, I asked Anger Management Girl to switch with me, she wouldn't, for a reason that translated to "I don't want to, so I won't."
Tomorrow, she had to flip her schedule, the same thing I needed doing last week. Unlike her, I have no problem doing this. I'm not doing it for her, I'm doing it for the manager, who really doesn't need the hassel.

I still get to see Phibes Phriday, and that's the important thing.
Caitlin Kiernan's Daughter of Hounds and the mass market of Threshold are out. I picked both of them up, Daughter of Hounds, well, because it's her new book, and the Threshold because I like having the different editions.
I think the new cover will draw in the Laurel Hamilton crowd, though Dancy Flammarion, the protagonist of Alabaster, is a little sexier than I imagined.

as opposed to this )
Talked to W. about the plane tickets for the Toronto. Flying to Buffalo, Sister A is picking me up, then we're driving to Toronto.
The two of us, on a road trip. That should prove interesting.


Dec. 22nd, 2006 12:45 pm
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Merry Christmas, originally uploaded by fchornik.

It's almost over but I've got to work with Anger Management Girl tonight. That'll be fun.
She's got her pals, her drinkin' buddies, at work and they're fun too. Part timers, so they don't care like the full timers do. Case in point: last night one of them was sitting on a footstool, just... sitting there. When I said something to her, she said she just wanted to see how long she could sit there before I said something to her.
Stuff like that isn't anything we need right now.

On the otherside of the counter, we've got people coming in the store for the first time this year, looking for books by Jean Cocteau.
I want to smack them and ask what they're high on.

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We had a customer call today looking for a Bible. Old AND New Testament. As opposed to a Bible with ONLY the New Testament.
Things are growing tense... this year the season seems to be wearing us down earlier... Anger-management girl knocked over a chair out of frustration before going for a smoke break.
And because Amazon says something, then of course it's true for mall bookstores. Of course, TED Klein's Nighttown is listed on Amazon... a book that was solicited over a decade ago and was never released.
And the mall music is making my ears bleed.


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