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A friend of mine here in Front Royal recently announced that she'd made the leap and purchased the complete Dark Shadows on dvd during a sale on amazon when it had marked down to $267 (and free shipping!) from nearly $600.
This inspired me to unbox the couple of dozen or so VHS tapes of the series we picked up last summer at the flea market and give them a view, even though we'd recently started watching the series on Hulu.
First, the series is really clear on Hulu, while the tapes are old vhs tapes that we purchased in a field. Given the choice, I'll always chose the lower tech to enjoy.

The title of tape one is formally "The Resurrection of Barnabas Collins" and it's in two parts: one covers the beginning of the show up to Willie Loomis unleashing Barnabas Collins, the second half consists of episodes 211-220, truncated without opening and closing credits into one seamless mass of story, with Barnabas ingratiating himself into the contemporary family in Collinswood and assuming control of the Old House.

Having seen these recently, they were less about story for me and more about just watching the sets and costumes.
My only gripe is that the horror hasn't kicked in as much yet- Barnabas's victim is mostly Willie Loomis and if I'm understanding the "what went before" correctly, this is kind of like Karma for him. Next tape is when he starts taking victims in town, so I'm looking forward to that.


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