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I'm checking the payment amout of my last ebay sale ($10.24) and it occurred to me to check it against the going price at, since the buyer was Canadian. The lowest price was- not counting an out of print mass market edition- was C$20.85.
I think I may consider shipping to Canada with my next wave of sales.
When I shipped that last package, I took some extra customs forms to simplify the process.
Last night I dreamt I was at a family reunion at some kind of a ski lodge. There were presents hidden... like Christmas. And an ex-of mine was there with some friends. The house was practically a maze. My ex was lounging a hottub outside. At the start of the dream, the landscape was snow covered, but by the conclusion, it was Spring.
I really like melatonin.
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I haven't left my apartment today, not even to go to the lobby to check my mailbox.
I get into these weird moods where I can't.
Aside from IM's I hardly talk to anyone. S. from VB called me, so we talked for a few minutes, but beside that, and the order person at Gustos, I probably won't talk to anyone else. The only person I'll encounter in meatspace is the delivery person from Gustos.
I am productive though.
I uploaded a bunch of pictures to Flickr.
I prepped a punch of books for ebay, despite the fact that it looks like only two of last week's auctions are going to sell. The Christopher Moore is up to $18.
I found out the other day that I can take b&w and sepia tinted video with my Digital Box. Working on some ideas for something totally Noir. Possible title: NoIrfolk. Or something like that. It'd have to be a combination of fonts...
I need food...
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I've got ten people watching my auction for the advance reading copy of Christopher Moore's Bloodsucking Fiends- but only two bids. I'm thinking bidding frenzy on Tuesday. We can hope any way.
Picture of me with Kirk Talley on the cruise. Lately, pictures of me make me look... baldish. Ish. Sort of . But I'm not. I'm a veritable Samson. Really.
Stupid cameras. (hidden behind a cut to shield you from the glare off my forehead)
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Yes, I'm still talking about the cruise. Why?
I work in a mall.
Under flourescent lights.
I have to deal with customers who think it's my fault that Stephen King hasn't come out with anything new.
I have to deal with writers who think that "author" is a title, as in Author Jane Doe. Not her real name, of course. And when she calls us, she announces herself as with an accent "Arthur Jane Doe." And she sends a a poster announcing her book is available from our competition.

So when I think back, it makes all of that bearable.


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