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I picked up Les Petits Meurtres D'Agatha Christie, a four dvd , eight episode Franciphonic adaptation of several Agatha Christie mysteries.  mmmmm Well produced, but they've... adapted quite a bit.  I'm watching Les Meurtres ABC, and while not the worst version (you have Tony Randall of the Odd Couple to thank for that), the fact that they replaced Poirot with Superintendent Larosière and Hastings with Insp. Lampion Lampion, neither of whom are particularly impressive , especially when judged next to the definitive Poirit, David Suchet,  or even Peter Ustinov.
1930s costumes and sets are BBC quality, so its easy to look at.
I'll watch them all, as it's an actual French production, rather than the dubbings I've been watching, but if I want an Agatha Christie mystery, I have the A&E Suchet/Joan Hickson 17 disk set to keep me happy.

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Perry is going to be in a world of heck. As an offshoot of learning French, I've become interested in French cooking. There's a butcher shop less than a half a mile from where we live and they carry everything ! Sweetbreads, brains, tongue, heart... so I've started reworking some of the recipes I've found for one, because organ meats aren't really Perry's thing. But he's going to live with the smell, and I'm going to make sure he's going to watch me eat,


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