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Still haven't gotten the last few bits about the cruise up. A dangerously potent mix of too busy and too lazy overlapping.
I have, however, gotten some auctions up on ebay- including ARCs from Christopher Moore and Joe R. Lansdale.
I've added links to my Youtube page where I've uploaded two videos, one of Shane Dunlap singing Take Me to Paradise and Rick Strickland singing Chunk of Coal, both from the cruise.
I also added a link to Bookworm and Beyond, my books and media blog on
My co-worker Cassi has started to scare me. One: She looks JUST LIKE ROSE from Doctor Who, including the presence of pink in her wardrobe. Two: Discussing the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie, she said that Davy Jones reminded her of Cthulhu. The fact that she knows who Cthulhu is has to be one of the indicators that the Stars Are Right.
Technology is a wonderful thing... I've figured out how to patch my Digital Box into my vcr so I can see on my TV what the Box is seeing. Using the Box's record function, I can make videos and be sure of what getting now. Of course, I realize this way lies madness.
I have a new short term goal: Learn the lyrics to Yo Ho, Yo Ho A Pirates Life for Me, then go out, drink beer and host a sing-along. Because I'm all for any song whose chorus is "Drink up, me hearties, Yo Ho!"
"You're like a brother to me." I love the Geico Gekko.
New long term goal: Prep for WHC 2007. Toronto, here I come!!


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