Dec. 4th, 2006 05:23 pm
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Last night's Torchwood was the one where it all came together. The previous episodes were all about the people of Torchwood, the impact the job has on their lives, how they interact, getting into their heads.
Now that the dynamic has been established we see how they mesh, how this strengthens the team, and how they react when a ghost from their past is their newest threat.
Called in to a murder scene, the team discovers their name painted in blood. Soon they find that the events of episode one aren't done with.
The tone is set from the first moment, the team driving to the crimescene, getting out of the black van, then it's all black coats and sunglasses.

Torchwood is the "Men in Black*" UK style, dealing with alien artifacts and threats, and the episode paints that better than the earlier episodes, with a glimpse of the team from outside the team, the police detective who turns the murder case over to the team.
Detective Swanson provides a good foil to Torchwood's leader, and I expect we'll see her again in the future.
Fun bits:
The amnesia drug Torchwood uses is called retcon.
Dickinson's "Because I would not stop for death..." as a clue.

Bad bits:
A specific edition of Dickinson is cited. The detective reads the ISBN to the team, and well, I had to fact check. The one the referenced was actually the ISBN to the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. Sloppy, sloppy...

* The real MIBs, not the Wil Smith variety.
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I saw the sixth episode of Torchwood tonight. Clever title: Countrycide.
And (spoilers) )
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Alien Sex Vampire, more or less.
There's no way in Hell this is going to make it on to tv here outside of Showtime.
That said, it's the Cliff's Notes version of the episode, so there's spoilers aplenty.
So either:
A)You've been warned
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So... I've flummoxed my sleep schedule the last few days... since I'm at the parent's house, with a real bed, I'm going to bed early and attempting to make up my sleep debt.
Crashing after this bedtime story from the BBC read by John Barrowman, of Doctor Who and Torchwood fame.

Sometimes I need a bedtime story.


Nov. 7th, 2006 08:56 pm
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I've seen two episodes of the BBC's Doctor Who spinoff, Torchwood.
Aside from what I'm seeing as... artistic apropriation, I'm impressed.
And even the stuff they've swiped is quality material.
Torchwood, a supersecret organization that exists to collect alien artifacts and make the world safe from extra-terrestrial incursions...
Most of the swipes I've seen are reminiscent of Warren Ellis's work- because of differing rules regarding profanity, they manage to get the f-word in there within the first three minutes... just like Ellis. The organization is very much like Black Air, an alien artifact collecting organization from eXcaliber, an X-Men spin off.
In the third episode, the team is co-ordinated by a member working multiple video screens viewing closed circuit television cameras, very much like Aleph from Ellis's Global Frequency. (Having seen the abandoned pilot for the GF tv show, it was a VERY familiar feeling.)
But you know what?
These aren't bad things.
In fact, they upped the "cool" factor of the show for me.
The first episode was a standard pilot, a police office encounters the Torchwood team at a crimescene, and quickly enters their rabbithole world of alien technology and spatial rifts. As the police officer Gwen Cooper, Eve Myles is a practical, Scully style counterpart to John Barrowman's time tossed mystery man Captain Jack Harkness.
By the third episode, Gwen has become closer to the Torchwood team as they deal with a alien device that reacts to residual emotional energy- a device that deeply effects anyone who uses it.
There's a slight textural shift from the usual BBC feel, with the show being set in Wales, and many of the characters having a Welsh accent.
Russell Davies, creator of the show, described it as "alleyways, rain, the city," rather like the difference between the X-Files and Millennium.
As CBC has the exclusive North American rights to the show, it'll take a while before we get it here, considering how long it took us to get Cold Squad and Da Vinci's Inquest.
But it'll be worth waiting for.
(Unless you're like me and you go looking for it.)


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