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A month from now I'll be in another country.
I was looking at the site for the Hockey Hall of Fame and I see that it's just a couple of blocks south-east of the hotel, by my reckoning.
This should make my sister happy.
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Rain Graves isn't going to be at WHC.
Double Shucks.
tjcrowley isn't going to be at WHC either.
Different reasons- but aside from [ profile] scanner_darkly, I don't think I've met anyone going in meatspace yet.
Don't see it as too much of a problem, since I'm such a bon vivant social butterfly I'll be meeting all sorts of lovely people.
Triple Shucks
I was so hoping to see the Gross Out Contest at WHC. I've been telling my sister about it for weeks. But now, alas, it's been canceled.
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Good News: The first progress report for Word Horror Con came today. It's a nifty little brochure chock full of information.

Bad News: [ profile] tjcrowley mentioned in his journal that there's problems for people with minor criminal infractions getting into Canada. The place where WHC is being held.

Good News: The severance package came through today. It looks yummy. Now I have to just finish up the paperwork and send it in.

Hmmm. Two outta three ain't suckage.

Yes it is... that badnews is major suckage.
Looking like there's paperwork ahead.
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I just purchased my sister's membership for WHC. Next thing is the plane tix.
So, if the San Diego Comicon is Nerd Prom, is WHC Monster Prom? And... I'm going with my sister.
Looking at the line-up for WHC... Robert Sawyer is going to be there. His "Calculating God" was amazing. The fact that the opening part is set in Toronto was a big help, having read it the first time in the wake of my visit to the Royal Ontario Museum.
Reminiscent of Arthur C. Clarke in it's scale of awesomeness.
I was first introduced to Sawyer via an episode of Quirks & Quarks discussing First Contact scenarios.
The link has mp3s of the discussion, well worth the listening.
Sawyer also provided some commentary for the Doctor Who documentary The Planet of the Doctor.
Much coolness.
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I've made my reservations for WHC.
The hotel is entirely non-smoking.
Not just the common areas. The rooms as well.


Feb. 8th, 2007 08:21 pm
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Steak. Mashed potatos. Peas. Pumpkin pie.
Under ten bucks.
Potatos were a little dry, but the gravy helped.

This after hanging out with my mom. Picked up a copy of Rue Morgue and Joe R. Lansdale's Bumper Crop.
Need to gather my Lansdale stuff together, since he's going to be at WHC.


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