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From Jan 14, 02:
Ok- I tried this once with Blogger and it wasn't a very good experiment... this seems to be MUCH simpler. Thanks to Thoth for providing access and thanks to CRK for providing inspiration.
Right now I'm immersive into Twin Peaks. I bought the season 1 boxed set and I've gotten hooked all over again. Good Lord... twelve years this April. Has it *really* been that long? I recently picked up the TP soundtrack on cd at a record store going out of
business, and this inspired me to pick up the DVDs last week. The re-viewing inspired me to dig all the other TP stuff out of storage - the Access guide, Behind the Scenes, Diane... , the Diary, and the Cooper book.
The episodes don't show their age at all, the pictures are crisp, and the audio is clear, which makes the music all the lovelier. The commentary is great, but the sad thing is that apparently David Lynch doesn't do commentary.
Need smokes. Need food. Going to post this and slip into hunter/gatherer mode. Todays prey will be a bacon, egg, and swiss on everything bagel. Lets hope it puts up a fight, because I'm feeling aggressive because of low levels of nicotine.

That was then, this is now:
P got me to watch a clip of American Idol that was... ok.
This year's hot new singer doing a cover of a Tears for Fears song.

Well, I've got a clip for him: Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent.
She's... tears inducingly awesome.
It's amazing.


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