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Watching Inspector Manara on MHZ. Just finished up with the first season.

Inspector Luca Manara, played by Guido Caprino, with a serious porn-stache, is assigned from Milan to a small town in Tuscany... far from the traffic and nightlife he's used to.

But there's always murder. Because small towns are always delightfully all about greed, jealousy, and passion.

Manara is assisted by the mother of his predecessor, Caterina Bentivoglio, played by Valeria Valeri, her niece, Inspector Lara Rubino, played by Roberta Giarrusso, and a quirky crew of police officers. Oh, and Bentivoglio's German Shepherd, Brigadier.

Lara and Luca have a past from the police academy years before and the what of that is the b-plot mystery for the first half of the season, giving it a real Moonlighting sore of vibe.

All the murders are rather bloodless in a Murder She Wrote kind of way, and Bentvoglio is delightful as an information source for the department, rather like Miss Marple, though it's always Luca and Lara who solve the cases.

I'm impressed that all the b-case plotlines are resolved by the end of the season, and one case involves a witness from a previous episode, so there's a good sense of continuity.

I'm looking forward to the second season but at only twelve 52 minute episodes, like season one, I'll need to pace myself- I burnt through the first season in four days.


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